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According to Abengoa to develop the building Soland Center

Firma del acuerdo en Soland Center

Seville's multinational Abengoa has decided to expand its presence in the innovation park Soland with the signing of a cooperation agreement that will allow you to have more than 2.000 square meters for the development of a new pilot solar photovoltaic and solar thermal project. The agreement, which was signed by the CEO of Soland, it will expand the presence of the leader in the field of energy and environment in Soland Center building, dedicated to the incubation of technology-based companies and the development of R & D in clean energy Tecnoinnovación. "Soland Center meets you need Abengoa and, indeed, with the signing of this agreement give continuity to a fruitful collaboration for the company and the Andalusian innovation that we have been developing for years. Furthermore, it continues to generate quality jobs linked to the strategy of smart specialization of Andalusia" said Soland´s CEO.

Thus, and since 2012, Abengoa has a science and technology team, consisting of thirty people working in the innovation park of Sanlúcar la Mayor in the development of new projects that are subsequently tested and put into operation in the solar platform Solucar, also located in the town of Aljarafe. Among the works developed in Soland Center emphasizes the research of new relevant materials for photovoltaic energy through the technique of "sputtering" or sputtering. This process involves the use of sputtering on a material to generate the deposition of a thin film on a given substrate. These films or thin layers have less than one micron thickness and allow to manufacture materials with generally different from the starting material properties. Thanks to the work done in Soland Center, Abengoa has acquired new capabilities to deepen the knowledge and the manufacture of new materials with applications in photovoltaic technologies, photonic crystals, optical filters or mirrors for solar thermal technology, among others.

With the new agreement between Abengoa Soland and the working surface it will be multiplied to more than 2,000 meters which allow the development of new technologies by multinational teams of Seville . The agreement, which has a minimum initial term of three years extendable to 15 years by agreement of the parties , will also allow to continue generating quality employment in Seville innovation park .

Soland, rather than innovation

Soland, a space of knowledge on corporate innovation and, in particular, renewable energy, has among its objectives to promote and carry out an action plan to attract technology companies and technology centers, with experience, technical competence and experience Proven both in developing programs for R & D in phases of basic research, pre-competitive development and subsequent commissioning to the market. The attraction of these businesses aims to promote synergies that enable the creation of new cooperation projects between the agents involved in R + D + i. Located in the town of Sanlucar la Mayor, near the Solúcar Abengoa Park, and integrated within the Technology Network of Andalusia, Soland is destined to become a benchmark in the field of renewable energy and technology applied to medium ambient. It is conceived as the answer from Andalusia to the challenges of sustainable economy.